Friday, February 01, 2013

4 Favorites: 100th Post Edition

Hiiiiii Everyone!

It's Friday and you know what that means- 4 Favorites... oh, and the weekend in t-minus 8 hours. WOOP. As it says in the title, today is my 100th post since I started Design + Doughnuts- almost a year ago. I decided that I would choose 4 of my favorite posts in honor of my 100th post today. (100... that's crazy eh?! I can't believe I have come up with that much to talk about!) This task is much easier said then done... that means only 2 design posts and 2 recipes! Agh. its tormenting me! Okay... Here is goes:

Magical Number 1

Garlic, Parm and Herb Pull Apart Bread

This post got a million hits, and for good reason- this bread is CRAZY easy and good, good, good! If you haven't tried it yet, I would suggest this weekend OR Sunday for Super Bowl would be a great call.
Numero Dos
Because indeed, 100 posts later, I am still in love with brass and have decided that everyone should have an amazing brass-esque statue on their desk to make them smile. Maybe I will make my Dad a giant dinosaur for his desk... that would be fairly hilarious.
P.s. Don't forget about the mini magnet version!
Mmm. That's all I have to say... oh, and that you guys really, really liked it. So make it again!
Cuatro (I don't know why I switched to Spanish...)

Okay... I know, this was only last week- but, come on... everything is gorgeous in here and you guys loved it, so here is one more look.

Have a fun weekend All... GO 49ers!

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