Friday, December 14, 2012

Four Favorites

What a kick ass week! Anyone? Yes? No? I have to say, this week was beyond productive- but man I am glad its Friday. It has been a long one as well.
Oh- and its official, my new Lumia 920 and I are great friends- I just have to remember that I have it so I take more pictures when I am out and about- the camera is incredible on it!!!

This is a slightly different edition of 4 favorites... it should be called "here are some random things I would like to share with you".

The first:

I have been doing a bunch of work this week in coffee shops with Christmas'y drinks in hand. It's been a nice change from my home office and of course there is nothing wrong with Christmas carols playing in the background...

The Second:

The Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet is at the top of my Christmas wish list this year. It allows you to sketch and design right onto your computer. Find it here, this would be a great last minute gift idea for anyone that loves design.

The Third:

After seeing Emily's DIY Gift Wrapping Station this week on Cupcakes and Cashmere I cant stop thinking about where I could immediately implement this in my own home. I also cant stop thanking about all of the pretty things I want to buy and display in my gift wrapping area... I am pretty sure it supposed to work the other way around (this is supposed to corral all of your stuff.... not make an excuse to buy more of it), but whatever makes you happy! Right?!

The Fourth:

I saw this Peppermint Meringue Cookie recipe in Chatelaine last weekend and fully had the intention of trying it out, but of course the week got away from me and now it is Friday and I have no pretty cookies to show for it. So, I hope to pump these beauties out this weekend and have a full report for you next week!

Have a HAPPY WEEKEND team!

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  1. you NEED the tablet Ive been using one for years and I can't live without it now.