Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loving: Heath Ceramics


Gorgeous right? I agree with your good taste, I think they are stunning too.
Second Question of the day: How is it December 11th?
I am not asking because I'm mad; it makes me giddy to even say it. I am quite excited about this, except that I feel like the festive season is slipping away SO quickly and I am missing it! You heard it here first: I am going to make a better effort to bake and do holiday activities starting now! Speaking of which... if you aren't done your Christmas shopping (I haven't started...AGH, and I LOVE shopping- it is basically my job for crying out loud!), maybe something from Heath Ceramics will fit the bill? I am crazy-in-love with their designs. They have the warmth of country charm with the lines of something clean and modern- totally my style these days.

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Amazing. Just love them all.
Have a great Tuesday.

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