Friday, August 03, 2012


Someone wrote that on my wall (Facebook) yesterday... It took me a moment to figure out what it meant- and if it wasn't my birthday it would have taken me foreveerrrrr to figure out- I probably would have Googled it, I Google everything, including medical symptoms- doctors worst nightmare over here. Anyways- that was an aggressive side track to start of this post! Yesterday was my 25th Birthday... Quarter of a freaking century- I seriously don't know how that happened, and I am getting married in 6 weeks- this is all seriously cray cray (but in a REALLY good way).

What is also cray cray is mini cupcakes... I popped into a local bakery yesterday to pick myself up some Birthday Cupcakes and they had a mini version of every cupcake they make, so naturally I got them all. What I hate the most about cupcakes is they are SO big, and you only get one flavour- I like taking bites out of all of them so I can taste them all. And because it was my birthday, I did. BAM. Just said that.

Below is the lonely remaining Lemon Cupcake I have not taken a bite out of yet... maybe after I post this... it can be my reward! Its cute right? I took this pic this morning on my driveway- I am pretty sure my neighbours think I am nuts- but no worries, I have cupcakes and they don't. Suckers.

I just realized this was a bit of a feisty post- but, hey, it's the WEEKEND! And just so you know, I have not forgotten about showing you those fabrics I have been talking about- I am editing the pictures as we speak... I'm feeling a Saturday morning post with a giant tea in my future.... Exciting....

Drive safe to whatever adventure you have planned for this long weekend!

Ps. Pretty sure it means Happy Birth Day

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