Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Power Drill Pumpkins

I think one of my favorite things about carving pumpkins is the seeds. I know, weird. Tomorrow I will show you my super easy, roasted pumpkin seed recipe- so hold only those seeds! You will then understand why the seeds make the mess of carving worth it.

I wanted to do something easy this year, and considering I bought tiny pumpkins, I figured puncturing a billion holes into them would be a lot easier than carving mini faces.

If you don't have a drill, you could use a hammer and different sized nails... in theory... but that might be exhausting. The drill was easy to use and quick to change up the sizes. It would probably be best to do this outside... I did it inside and pumpkin was flying everywhere- I mean, some-how-down-my-shirt-and-on-the-kitchen-cabinets everywhere. But its easy to clean up and will only take you 10 minutes to do three!

Start by cutting the stem of the pumpkin out, I found doing a zig-zag pattern the easiest which works because its clearly the prettiest! (ps. be careful!!!! It is very easy to cut your hand off!!!) Second, if you are like me and prefer to be organized, split your seeds into one bowl and your guts into another. If you are roasting the seeds this will save time down the road. Third, start with the biggest diameter drill bit (I used 1/4" dia.) and start poking holes- be VERY careful NOT to have your hand on the inside of the pumpkin. This would be bad. No holes in hands please. Do all of your pumpkins with the big drill bit and then go down to the middle size (I used 11/64" dia.) and then down to the smallest (I used 7/64" dia.). The bits can be a bit of a pain to change, so doing all the big holes at once, and so on will limit this annoyance.

Fill the pumpkins with x-mas lights, battery powered tea lights or a candle and you are off to the races!

Happy Halloween!

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