Thursday, November 08, 2012

Not Just For Kids

I have a bulletin board in my office that collects fabrics I really like, papers I don't want to forget about, a yoga schedule, etc. Currently there are a few fabrics that have morphed into a full on design scheme... but with nowhere specific in mind to put it. I think it would be great in a little boys bedroom, or a superrrr cool girls bedroom. (It is actually this scheme I blogged about a while ago.... yep, It's still up there!) It pretty much started because of a piece of art I saw, that I didn't want to forget about- so, I printed it off and started pinning fabrics beside it... sometimes these things just have a life of their own.
Anyways- this art, is SO cool. Christian (we almost have the same name... so clearly he is awesome) Jackson creates super minimalistic posters of children's story books we all grew up with.

Check them out...

Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Mary Poppins
The Three Little Pigs

I think these are total scheme starters, or a great addition to any kids room. I hope you think they are as neat as I do! Which one is your fave? I really like the Marry Poppins one... even though I thought the movie was totally creepy- singing and flying around, forcing medicine down kids throats- terrifying! But I could deal with the poster....

Have a great Almost-Friday-Day!

Ps. Thanks Ash for the great Post Name ideas!

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