Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HiLo Wednesday |03|

I look forward to these Wednesday posts now- not that I don't look forward to every post- but these mark the middle of the week. Meaning I start thinking about the food I am going to cook this weekend and shoot. I have found in the last couple of weeks that any photo I take on a Saturday, turns out better than any other day. This definitely means something... that everyday should be Saturday perhaps?
Anyways! Today we are talking poufs. Floor pillows, or poufs have been around forever, but have recently picked up some steam. In the last year or so there has been a surge of new poufs hitting the design scene and I have to be honest, I wasn't totally convinced. I mean, really- they are extra seating if there is no room on the couch- and do you really want to be the one not sitting on the couch? But, I have come around, and could even see my self incorporating a couple of those grey ones from West Elm into my own space. They are great for the few times that you do run out of seating, and they are an alternative to low seating that won't block the TV. (you know, on the other side of your coffee table, can you picture it... 2, right there- it would look so good!)

The Moroccan inspired orange one comes in a rainbow of colours, is all leather and would add a pop of colour to any space. The ombre mountain is just about the coolest pouf around and would look awesome in a modern chalet up north. And the grey square option is one of three styles from West Elm, and probably one of the most practical ones too.

Hi or Lo? Well... the highest in this case goes to our cool ombre friend, then the square West Elm option and finishing in third at $112 is the Moroccan orange.

Have a super fab Wednesday!

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  1. I live in a small space and can totally picture the West Elm POOF under my coffee table to serve as extra seating - THX Christen, GREAT POST!